What is ‘The Frogarium’?

The Frogarium is the brainchild of Peter Johnson and is set to be the premiere frog enclosure in Australia, it will boast 23 species of frog including four that are endangered – and it will open to the public near Coffs Harbour in late 2022.

Visitors to The Frogarium will be able to see the Coffs Coast’s own endangered frogs the Giant Barred frog as well as the Green and Golden Bell frog that so famously disrupted construction of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games village after its discovery in a quarry on the site.

Peter also has two other bell frogs from Western Australia and many other less-threatened species. And his other claim to fame? Peter is the only person who has ever managed to breed the Giant Barred frog in captivity. 

The Giant Barred frog sprays its eggs on the roofs of caves, where they cannot touch water until the tadpole forms.

The bell frogs are aquatic frogs which also sunbake like a lizard and Mr Johnson, who has been breeding frogs since 1985, was one of the first to notice and report the disappearance of the now-famous Green and Golden bell frogs in the early 1980s.

He has since successfully bred the frogs at Coffs Harbour and reintroduced their offspring to Pambula on the NSW South Coast, where they had been extinct for 25 years.

The Frogarium is currently being custom built for the frogs and our guests.

Many new experiences are being planned so stay tuned by following our facebook and Instagram pages.

There will be a ‘reasonable’ charge for Frogarium entry and visitors will have to walk through a foot-bath to keep any dangerous chytrid fungus out of the facility.

Why are frogs so happy?
They eat watever bugs them!