It’s been a 18 year labour of love to open The Frogarium to the public. It happened briefly in 2010 (see article below) but was limited by regulations that treat displaying frogs as similar to displaying tigers! The Frogarium has ticked all the boxes now but in the years in between, The Frogarium was used to help wild frog populations. Owner Peter Johnson has been helping to re-establish frog populations that had declined by breeding frogs for re-release programs (eg Litoria aurea and currently Mixophes balbus).

Release programs to help wild frog populations

The Pambula Program

At the end of 2005 Peter in conjunction with the NSW government devised the reintroduction of the Green and Golden Bell frog to the wetlands of Pambula,NSW.

The release is part of a program to re-establish a population of the endangered Green and golden Bell frog that begun over a decade ago by the Bega Environment Network with the assistance of Peter.

Recently, The Frogarium has been breeding the endangered Mixophyes balbus for release in areas where it has gone extinct.

The Stuttering Frog Project

The current breeding project we are involved with is breeding the Stuttering Frog. We have many breeding tanks set up to help return this species to its former glory. More information about it can be found out by visiting the Bundanon Trust website.

We did a trial pilot program that opened in 2019 and was a great success but was closed shortly after by the pandemic in 2020. This inspired us to create a bigger and better facility.