General Info

To Keep Frogs

  • To get an ‘amphibian keepers licence’ is essential for frogs in captivity
  • Never take frogs from the wild, always from licensed keepers 


  • The removal of places for frogs to shelter like rocks and logs
  • Introducing pollutants into rivers, creeks and other waterways
  • Exotic fish, cane toads and displaced frogs into the wild
  • Modification and loss of habitat.
  • Disease – chytrid fungus
  • Changes to natural water flows and water quality
  • Poor knowledge of the species’ distribution, taxonomy and history of local extinction


  • Preserve wetlands
  • Keep rocks and logs for shelter
  • Build a frog friendly pond
  • Exclude livestock from portion of habitat

Frog Info

  • Frog and Tadpole Study Group (FATS) (02) 9371 9129
  • FROG WATCH 0419249728
  • National Parks and Wildlife Services 1300361967

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